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2010 SRX Premium - Black Rims??

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I’m new to this Cadillac thing, just bought a 2010 SRX 4wd with premium package. It was in great condition so it caught my eye. I bought it in hopes to get gloss black rims put on it. I live in a small town and took it to the only two tire stores around, one told me I had two rim options, neither of which were black. (and claimed it was from the largest wheel distributor in the midwest) and the other told me I had zero rim options, and I’d have to buy a different vehicle if I wanted black rims. I find this hard to believe, so help me out, I know nothing about wheels. Not looking for anything crazy, just like the 20” chrome wheels that come on the vehicle but in gloss black. If it is true, would it help if I downsized to 18” and got new rims and tires? Or does that even matter.. again, I’m clueless. Thanks in advance.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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