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2010 SRX Issues- Stabilitrac/Engine/Oil light/TouchScreen

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Have had our 2010 SRX into the dealership three times for Stabilitrac and Engine light issues. The stabilitrac actually reduces power to the engine when it occurs. The Engine light illuminates.
It happens intermittently and goes away sometimes when you restart engine, sometimes after a few days. There are no issues when just engine light is on, but when both pop up, the car drives with
a very slow acceleration. The dealer has never been able to successfully repair the issue.

Anyone have any experience with Stabilitrac??

The check-oil light also comes on occasionally but when there is no problems with the oil. Dealership says it must be a bad sensor and unless we wish
to pull the engine to repair, to ignore.

We've owned this vehicle since new and have always taken to dealership.

Other issues:
Car alarm issues - alarm would not stop with key or fob and locks doors so you cannot enter. Happened 4 times while parked in same part of a particular
city. Has not happened in any other location. Went back next day to tow and car was fine with no alarm issues. Perhaps a radio signal in that location
that interfere's with srx signals?

Pop up screen - wasn't popping up as normal without two power cycles, random other issues. Dealer replaced radio and has been fine.
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Sounds like Timing Chain. Oil is critical for that engine. Possibly cam shaft position sensor. If you don't want to go to the dealer for codes, have OnStar or local auto parts store tell you the codes when the light is on.
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