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2010 or 2011 escalade?

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New to the forums. Looking at used 2010 or 11s with 50-60k on them. Will be upgrading from an 11 tahoe lt. Reading us news car ranking they say the 11s are a lot more reliable than the 10's. Is there any validity to this??

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I don't know this to be true. If I had an 11 Tahoe, I don't think I'd go back a year to a 10 Escalade. That's seems like its a step backwards, JMHO.
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I would venture to say, there isn't much difference between the 2011 and 2010, in terms of reliabilty. The only think I can think of, is GM dropped the DVD based NAV in 2010 for a CF card. Which is much better. You will loose the 6 disk changer and tilt screen, which doesn't bother me anyway.

If you can find a 2010 with lower miles and in better condition, I'd take it over the 2011.
10 doesn't have tilt screen, but does have a few more ponies. 11 has different carpet color in the platinums.
My little pony? I find it odd that the 2010 has more ponies. Is this dyno proven, or just the talk of the forum? It's the exact same engine, since 2007, with minor tweaks with the later years. You could just get a tune done, and have more horsepower than stock.
Ehh, I have yet to see his print out or any consistencies with other owners. A few extra HP numbers mean nothing, nor would you notice the difference. I'm sure every escalade has a few variances. Sounds like my truck is faster than your truck....
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