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2010 Escalade ESV upgrades

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Hello , I just purchased a 2010 Escalade ESV , and I’m wanting to do some upgrades and I am looking for advice for the best quality
1. Upgrade touch screen to something that works with iPhone and maybe even something that allows me to play movies from phone or usb to the TVs in the rear .
2. Door welcome logos that shine on ground when you open the door . Looks like there’s no light that shines to the ground now. So I’m going to have to cut my own holes in to fit whatever I get , but I want to know if anyone has experience with a quality aftermarket one .
3. Looking to install an illuminated Cadillac front logo . But can’t seem to find any. Any advice where to look?
4. Trying to find an aftermarket kick sensor that will allow me to install and make it so my wife can use a kick sensor to open the rear door ?
Any and all advice or direction is appreciated. Thanks
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What you should be concerned about is disabling the AFM. Do research here on the forum regarding that.
Yes i definitely need advice for what to do to the engine and or replace on engine or any of the drive train. I will definitely look into that . Any specific ones you prefer or just see what other people have to say?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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