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2010 dts vs 2011 dts

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Hello I have been saving up and about to purchase something I have wanted for years an Cadillac DTS. I am torn between a 2010 with more features(soft top) less miles lower prices tag
or a 2011 with higher mileage less features higher price tag. What I a wonder is there any significant difference between these two years and is the 2010 more prone to leaking oil than the 2011?
2010 39kmiles 2011 46k miles 5,000$ more
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No difference. They're all prone to leaking (seeping) oil eventually.
Unless there is a option that you really want on the 2011 or its a platinum, there is no difference between the two. The very reason I am driving an 2008. I was looking at later models, 2010/2011 with higher prices and more miles. I found what I wanted with 29k for considerably less and couldn't be happier.
The bottom line is year doesn't change the car the trim level does. Make sure you check the car you buy out completely. No one will know what year it is but you. ;)
My vote goes for 2010 as it has lower miles, lower price and more features, unless (I mean Unless) 2011 is a platinum model with many features including (my favorite) lane-departure and blind-spot warning systems.
Yes I am leaning towards the 2010 only other thing I notice in the history report of the 2010 it had right front accident minor damage reported. Also someone put 5k miles on it in like 45 days and another episode where 15k where put on it in 6 months should I be concerned?
Unless it was a rental I would not be. The DTS is extremely easy and comfortable to drive, not so uncommon to see the owners of these cars take long road trips. Or do you mean since you last looked at it? Is the mileage still 39k?
I just purchased a 2010 DTS about a month ago. It had 17,550 miles when I bought it. Couldn't be more satisfied, "old school" conformable ride. I too looked at 2011 with more miles and for more money. I found the 2010 to be a little more comfortable. Lastly, the CarFax did report a minor accident to the right front. I had it checked out and also purchased a G.M. 4 year, 48K "bumper to bumper" warranty.
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Ok guys I pulled the trigger and went for a 2009 DTS 40k miles black on black performance very clean and reactive
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Congrats on the new ride!!! And welcome to the Cadillac family...:welcome:


How bout some pictures>>>>:)
Black on black must look great, and with those chrome rims I think go with that trim level.
Congrats on your new ride. However, I would have went for the 2011 because of the GM 5 year 100k warranty. Just in case it's seaping any oil from the crankcase.
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