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2010 CTS4 upgrade to factory NAV

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I have a 2010 Cadillac CTS 4 was just curious am I able to pull out a GPS dash unit and put it in my car my car currently does not have the GPS pop up screen
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I was just curious I want to put an aftermarket stereo in there but couldn't decide if I wanted to have that GPS or not
OK cool thanks for the input I appreciate that
If you have an HD radio it should be a straight forward swap... If you do NOT have the HD and just the base radio it would be a PITA and better off going with an aftermarket setup with separate amplifier.
Yeah at this point I think I'm gunna go with the after market even though it's like 700$
You guys are appreciate all the input I have the 2010 cts4 performance model eventually wanna get a ctsV
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