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2010 CTS AWD DS Rear Hub Assembly Problems

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After two days of having the car in the back on a jack I am really questioning what I could do different, or better!

I started the other day as I needed to change the DS hub assembly as it was starting to make some noise. (Already changed the PS front)

Took everything off and I'm down to the last part of removal but the hub will not budge.

I have a 5 pound slide hammer, beat on in for hours. Beat on it with a sledge. It just will not break free.

I have a small MAP gas torch and even heated up the housing.

Yes, all 3 hub bolts are out from behind the assembly. I will attach pictures soon.

What can I do??
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Not sure how good your slide hammer is. Is the slide on there and center pulling straight on the hub. I had one pretty seized but my slide hammer easily pulled the hub off and the bearing actually stayed on the axel as the hub separated; it has that much power. If your on there straight I cant understand how you cannot pulled it off using a proper hub puller slide hammer!!!!
I got it off! I unbolted the 2 bolts that hold the emergency brake line on. Although the do not connect directly to the hub, the heat shield or whatever it is called that surrounds the entire disc loosened up which was the most likely reason for the hub not coming out.
Awesome. Good to hear!! And you saved a *#%*load of cash doing it yourself!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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