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So everyone I am presently working on a 2010 cts 3.0 it has the high pressure injectors. My friend had it towed to my house about 2 months ago and finally have the time to mess with it. The previous history was this he had gotten stuck in front of a 7 11 near his house . It would not crank at all. A guy who was coming out of the store stated he was a mechanic he lives right around the corner and that he would look at it for him. Long and behold the guy checked power going tk the starter solenoid along with he tried a new/used bcm and checked a few other things and never got it to crank. Oh also the key is not coming out of the ignition without manually activating the plunger on the switch . I've gotten it to the point of it now cranks by honestly tapping on the starter. But still won't start. I have plenty of spark a cranking rpm I checked fuel pressure which it maxes out at 60psi but won't stay pressurized. I pulled the rails out and 4 of the injectors were leaking I replaced all 6 and the high pressure pump I now get the fuel pressure to stay at 60 - 55 when I stop cranking but still no start. I checked with a scope for signals going to the injectors it appears that I am not getting any voltage high or low to my injectors . I've ohmed out the wiring from the injector harness behind the intake back to the ecm and all circuits are good no opens. My next approach is going to be a ecm I am aware it needs to be programed and the theft needs to be learned key off and on 3 times crank on the 3rd . My question is does this look like a bad ecm? I'm at a loss
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