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2002 Deville and 2009 DTS
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I want to change the alternator on my wife's 2009 DTS with 95,000 miles as preventive maintenance. I have done this to older Cads where you have to remove the radiator.

But on this car, you have to disconnect the freon line and also remove the condenser coil. Is this the ONLY way to change the alternator? I pulled off the radiator cover to look at the radiator, condenser coil, and freon line. I can see that the freon line is connected to the passenger side of the radiator and can see a torx screw holding the bracket to the radiator.

Can't I remove the front grill and remove this screw and then pull the radiator out and leave the freon line connected and condenser coil in place? Or does anyone know of a trick to remove the alternator without having to remove the freon line and condenser coil? I am fine with removing the radiator, but don't want to have to drive somewhere and ask someone to pull the freon out.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts