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Hi all. New to the forum so hey. I have an issue with my 2009 cts. Trying to program a 2nd fob. Followed all instructions placed fob into programming slot in the console. The info center said ready to program #2. I waited and the info center screen went blank without programming the fob. Tried several times and same thing. Has anyone else experienced this situation. Can someone help me out. Thanks

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Re: Rick

Did you follow all of these steps? (from the OM)

To match an RKE transmitter to the vehicle:
1. Press the vehicle information button until
Press V To Relearn Remote Key displays.
2. Press the set/reset button until Remote Key
Learning Active is displayed.
3. Press and hold the lock and unlock buttons on
the first transmitter at the same time for about
15 seconds.
On vehicles with memory recall seats, the first
transmitter learned will match driver 1 and
the second will match driver 2.
A chime sounds indicating that the transmitter is
4. To learn additional transmitters at this time, repeat
Step 3.
Each vehicle can have a maximum of eight learned
5. To exit the programming mode, you must cycle the
key to LOCK/OFF.
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Re: Rick

I went to a professional lock and key business to have it done and they still haven't quite figured it out after 3 tries. He finally guessed it was the remote and sent it back and now I'm waiting on another.

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The car is limited to the number of fobs it will remember. You might have to clear all fobs then program them back in.

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As CaddyFred posted, only the RKE optioned transmitters (Remote Keyless Entry) are programmable in the vehicle. Standard remotes must be programmed by the dealer or locksmith.

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