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2009 Escalade ESV
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My 2009 Cadillac Escalade ESV (original owner, 59K miles) heated steering wheel stopped working a month ago. Nothing would make it start back working!! The last time it worked, I noticed it was very hot in some places on the wheel. Last weekend, out of nowhere, it came on, was extremely hot! I called my husband because I was excited that it started back working!! Meanwhile it was getting so hot that I burned my fingers holding the steering wheel. I immediately turned off the heated steering wheel (the same button that had not worked for over a month - now miraculously now working!!) and pulled into a parking space while talking with my husband. As I parked the car in a parking lot (the wheel was turned bottom up from turning into the space), my daughter and I saw the steering wheel SMOKING!!! It was the bottom of the wheel (if looking at a clock I would estimate the smoke coming from the position of the #7 on a clock face. However, since I had turned right into the parking space, the wheel was turned so that the #7 location was rotated now to where it was at the top - the smoke resembled smoke coming from a lit cigarette. (Just a comparison so you get the idea of how much smoke was coming from the stering wheel. This car has never been smoked in.)

My husband now wants to disconnect the fuse for heated steering. Need help/advice as to how to remove 7.5 amp fuse located in steering column wiring harness.
Additionally, we are no longer covered under warranty & wonder is this just the beginning of additional problems.
Also, has anyone else heard of this happening?
Now, I definitely feel that this is a safety issue since the wheel actually burned my fingers.
Any advice?
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Cbritton, I'm so sorry you and your family experienced this! If you would like me to check for any recalls, etc., that may be open on your Escalade, please let me know. I'm also available if you all would like any assistance working with your dealership to resolve this concern. Please email me anytime at [email protected] for further assistance!


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