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2008 sts 3.6 l di{ reduced engine power}

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Good day all cady owners,
I am a new owner of a very low mileage hardly used sts 3.6 l di 2008 model with just over 10k miles.
i have had this car for 3 months and it drives like magic, i was surprised with the 6 cyl performance as i used to have sts northstar 95 model years ago. any way today i got REDUCED ENGINE POWER ? HELP PLS THE CAR HAS NO WARRANTY.
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My advice is to pamper the V6. Take no chances. If your insurance doesn't have towing, add it.

Get a good code reader if you go that route. These cars have body & suspension codes as well as engine. I'd just have it flat-bedded to a delaer. Once at a dealer, they can validate the valve timing and the chain/guide wear. If that passes muster and your oil rings are OK, you're cool.

Enjoy the ride!
I'd be tempted to just put in a fuel pump, filter & sensor and see what happens.

I don't doubt the fuel lines & injectors are dirty but you could say that about lot of cars that run just fine.
One thing to keep in mind... Dealer Service Departments are evaluated on many factors but one of those is repairing a complaint with just one visit. (Just like hospitals are discouraged from re-admitting patients.) Cost may secondary to them.

If they replace all the things listed, what's left to be defectrive?
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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