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2008 sts 3.6 l di{ reduced engine power}

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Good day all cady owners,
I am a new owner of a very low mileage hardly used sts 3.6 l di 2008 model with just over 10k miles.
i have had this car for 3 months and it drives like magic, i was surprised with the 6 cyl performance as i used to have sts northstar 95 model years ago. any way today i got REDUCED ENGINE POWER ? HELP PLS THE CAR HAS NO WARRANTY.
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Wow , this is a cool forum , i didnt think that i would get so many useful replays that quick.
Actually the car is not salvage it is ammaculate, but been laying for a long time , it was my late aunti car which she bought it new in 2008 but unfortunatly died 4 months later, and i just took the car few months ago and put nearly 6k enjoyable miles on it, the tyres are original with 2 different sizes back and front 18 rims (make noises when first drive the car for few minutes).
the warranty expired last august (4 years or 60k KM) i live in BAHRAIN so the warranty is less here unless you buy extended warranty on purchase day.
I had Jeep grand cherokee overland hemi engine which i bought it second hand 3 years ago and bought jeep extended warranty till 100k km, the car was 2007.
but as i said cady dont offer that.

sorry to make it long, i took the car to the dealer and i will keep you posted with the outcome.
bytheway i used to be a member of this forum when i had the monster 95 northstar sts 6 or 7 yrs ago and it was very useful and enjoyable (i miss my 95 sts).


and yes it did have the service light on
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good day all,
The agent informed me today, it looks like the fuel pump failed and needs replaced + the fuel pump sensor+fuel lines+6 injectors where they have to remove the
manifold to replace them (direct injection) plus other few gaskets and sensors.
the agent doesnt know why this happened at this low mileage.
i think since the car was laying for a long time all the dirt and dust etc. blocked all the fuel systems.
ithe agent will inform me about the cost which thwy thing will be heavy $$4,000 approximate, most of it is labour cost.

usually when fuel pump fails it gives you a warning by cutting and jettering etc, and not suddenly.
i am wondering if each diagnostic codes pin point exactly the faulty part e.g fuel senor etc or it just tels you to check the whole fuel system??
I suggested to the agent to replace the fuel pump+sensor+filter , but they would only replace the full system and would consider
a discount with a final bill of just under $$ 3,000. Again i think the job and parts are worth the money.
I remember last year i have paid large amount to replace rotors and brakes and transmission oil service on my wifes 2009 VW passat which cost me near that
so i will go a head nd keep u updated with the caddy.
Hi everybody, car got the fuel system replaced it drives v good, now am looking for some advise on tyres, two sizes make little choice ,
anybody with good experience as prices range between $600- $2000 and oe tyres not cheap to.?? i want all season, road and highway,
has to be reliable and long last.
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