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2008 EXT Bluetooth

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Good morning folks, just to clear things up i did use the search and couldn't find anything on my specific's whats going on.. :

Since I bought my 08 EXT back in November i was happy to know that it had Bluetooth for my phone even though NOTHING in manual and online said how to sync up phones to it. I figured it'll just be found in one of the menus in the navigation....well it's not. I couldn't find anything on bluetooth in the nav system. FINALLY, yesterday while online, i actually found the BLUETOOTH FOR CADILLAC web page which lists phones that are compatible as well as GM vehicles that are compatible. Long story short, I found the way to pair the phone is to press the voice recognition key, and say "Bluetooth," then "pair phone.".....well saying bluetooth doesn't says not recognized, and SOMETIMES it will take me into the voice help menu. I've even had my friends try it, in case the car thinks i have a caveman accent or something even though i don't.

I'm beggining to wonder if it even HAS the equpment loaded into the vehicle....maybe it needs additional parts or something. If anyone has a new model escalade with a working bluetooth menu, PLEASE let me know. Im using an iPhone by the way...

Much appreciated,

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Shawn, pretty sure that bluetooth only came out in the 09' models in connection with OnStar
I also have a 2008 EXT. I paid for every option too. And I can tell you Shawn that in 08 they did not come with blue tooth. However, my 09 does.
Oh...the 09s have them...well that's what i get for buying an old ass car. :) just kidding hehe.
I notice you have a supercharger, :) that's one of the things i WOULD like my truck to have. Must be fast as hell.

Thanks again for the help guys. Enjoy.

I believe a gmx322 unit will help solve your Bluetooth issue or lack thereof, correct me if I'm wrong
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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