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2008 Escalade
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I have a service airbag light on and a code that reads B0083. I have already changed both of the front impact sensors to no avail.

The light came on when I hit a pothole, I know this because when the service airbag light came on, the HVAC blower motor fell out of place simultaneously (not an OEM blower motor, replaced 6 months prior).

I am beginning to suspect the seat position sensor. I have easy exit enabled on the SUV, but occasionally it malfunctions to where I need to manually move the seat forward for the easy exit to work properly again. However, it is working properly now which tells me that the seat position sensor is currently working. I am also assuming that the seat position sensor is responsible for the airbag system as well as the memory seats.

Any help is greatly appreciated as I want to avoid unnecessary part swapping.
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