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Certified 2008 Escalade ESV
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Since thanksgiving 2014 the (new) battery on our truck has gone dead about 8 times now.

When left from 8 hours on up, the truck will be dead.

Trip #1 to the dealer I was told it was due to leaving a phone charger plugged in. (Ridiculous)

Trip #2 was told there couldn't be anything found to be wrong.

Trip #3 I was told we left the headlights on. This is ridiculous as well because the auto headlights are always used and we'd notice the lights being left on in the garage.

I don't mind paying for the car to be repaired but I'm having ZERO satisfaction having the problem diagnosed.

The dealer is making me out to be an idiot when there is very clearly a problem. My pregnant wife has been stranded once already and it's getting to the point where she doesn't feel safe driving our truck.

Help please!

M. Benkoff
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