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2008 CTS
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I have a 2008 Cadillac CTS which I purchased in 2011 with 50k miles on it from a dealer with all service history. The car now has 80k miles on it and I would like to go over all the issues i have had with it. This will include both warranty and non warranty as I believe prospective owners need a total breakdown without respect to whom incurred repair costs.

I have babied and pampered this car for the 30k miles i have owned it. The previous 50k miles appeared to be pampered as well given the service history with Cadillac. I believe the number of repairs and non maintenance items to this vehicle is totally unacceptable. Having grown up in the Detroit area, I do all i can to support the US auto industry and persuading others that myths of US made cars being low in quality is untrue. I cannot however, tell people that Cadillac/GM makes a product superior in quality to the German and Japanese imports. Again, i know and understand cars are not without their issues and complex cars have bigger repair bills but what I along with GM have invested into this car would indicate its of low quality. All of that being said, the car is very nice and is a joy to drive.

Before Ownership based on dealer service records. (0-50k miles)
1. AC compressor X2 (estimate is $1600 (800 each time)
2. Blower Motor (not sure of cost)
3. Wheel bearing. (not sure of cost)

After Ownership (50k miles and beyond)
1. Electronic steering wheel module for controlling electric tilt steering wheel. Failed had to be replaced $550.
2. Leaking Sunroof.
A. Dealer told me drains were clogged with debris. $1200
B. Leaking again-Dealer claimed same issue/fixed on own dollar. (would have been another $1200).
C. Leaking Again-Dealer claimed same issue/fixed on own dollar. (would have been another $1200).
D. Leaking Again- This time i called GM myself to intervene in the repair. Dealer discovered that sunroof seals were bad and
allowing in too much water and debris. Dealer replaced headliner and again unclogged drains and replaced seals. Cost estimate on
this (1200 for standard drain unclog+sunroof removal+seal+headliner) rough guess here is $3500.
3. Water pump replacement. $500 (left me stranded)
4. Fuel pump replacement. $1000
5. Thermostat and housing. $1000 (left me stranded)
6. Timing Chain and Tensioners (no idea of cost on this and not sure i want to know)
7. Timing Chain thrust washers (no idea of cost on this and not sure i want to know)
8. Rear door lock actuator. $300

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2008 CTS 3.6L DI RWD, GMPP new engine 11/2013
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Hi k4allen,

Nice write-up.

Multiple problems that you've encountered are yet another example of why I and others repeatedly advise potential buyers of Gen II CTS to avoid early production years (2008-09), and to buy the latest model year (2010+) that they can afford. Beautiful POS, your CTS and mine, is consistent with old-GM/Cadillac/suppliers' legacy of loose/sloppy manufacturing tolerances and hit-or-miss quality control. Too bad that so many Gen II CTS buyers are unaware and don't seek/research this forum before pulling the trigger.

And, on the other hand, to owners of trouble-free near-perfect 2008-09 CTS (many don't realize just how lucky they are),
I say congratulations.

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I too own a 2008 cadillac cts direct injection 3.6 awd automatic with all the upgrades ex rear park assist. Chrome rims, except for the nav. My hid highlight burn out left side. Left side wheel bearing. Entire front suspension needs to be replaced. Example control arms bushings tie rods. Etc. Like it wass in mint condition babied as well. Then one day everything came at once.

Leaking sunroof. Sunroof doesnt close on its own 99 percent of the time.

Driver window squeeks or wont even open,
driver window stopped working
driver window started working
driver window permanently stopped working

cd player radio reboots on its own randomly. Stays running even after the car is turned off.

Huge water leak driver and passenger front footwells only when the ac is running. And when i say leak. I mean continuous stream of water

floor has started to stink. And smell from this. And just really disgusting

traction control stopped working stabil track
abs hums loud randomly on its own

cars thermostat doesnt work intermittently displays ( engine hot. Ac off)

driver door handle doesnt work from the outside. Always have to crawl from the passenger side door

remote start stopped working

car randomly stalls. Almost killing me and my family many times

drive thru car wash i get rained on.

Paint is chipping away factory defects

i bought this vehicle for 22000 dollars canadian in 2014 march.
I hired a lawyer and im not after the dealer who sold it to me, im after gm. I want a new car or my money back.

Someone is going to get killed one day from this death wish.

Oh yeah. And i do regular oil changes every 4 thosand. Replace breaks and rotors as recommended.

All the other needed repairs. Should need to be done, becuz they shudnt of been obsolete to begin with. Never had a handle stop working on any of my cars all of my life. Never had a 22000 dollar car stall randomly.
Never had a pond in my car

this entire car should be fixed at gm expense. Im going to make sure nobody buys cts and make it public news.

Funny part i seen another cts other day broken down 4 way lights on middle of the intersection.
Just like mine

i am from london ontario, i called gm canada to see if theres recalls they basically didnt say anything that could help me. Called my lawyer today. Il keep everyone posted

226-213-5366 my home phone number. My name is belal if anyone would like more info on this dissaster cadillac cts 2008

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2012 CTS Luxury 3.0 AWD Red
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I get dizzy when I read these things and sorry others are experiencing problems. I fully understand that for everyone with major problems there are many people with no major issues. It is not only the number of problems but the cost. To the best of my recollection I've had maybe 4 or 5 repairs in a few decades of approx $1K or more in today's dollars. I admit they were not done at dealerships and I do not live in a high cost area and they were mostly Buicks and Oldsmobiles but the cars were bought used and driven at least 100K miles. I'm just surprised at some of the stories regarding Cadillacs. But again, I guess it depends on the specific car we each have.

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Sold my 2009 CTS4 and my 2004 CTS
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My 2009 CTS:
blower fan
Door actuator
thermostat o-ring coolant leak
new coolant leak
trans leak
burns 1 quart every week or two
6 engine codes, last time I looked. (mostly timing chain)
Needs timing chain for $2000
won't start after I get gas... every time.
rear suspension knuckles
Ignition recall
Plus whatever I forgot.

I've always hated the dealers. All dealers. They are mostly idiots that are after that $100 min per visit.

But it's GM that has really peed me off. Unbelievable how they handled managed to produce and screw-up a really nice car.
Most of the lucky ones, had theirs repaired under warranty. Me and the other really unlucky one's are stuck with expensive junkers.
I'm stuck with the CTS, but I already bought my next car; 2014 Edge. I may never buy another GM.

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2009 Cadillac CTS4 3.6DI Black Raven
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Same here door actuator front and rear, water pump replaced at 50k, ignition coils 2 times, rear suspension sounds like you in a tractor, driver seat screeching non stop, hvac panel works whenever it feels like working, trunk is full of water when you lift it after rain, AC blows and doesnt blow when put on feet mode, beautiful car just such an ugly experience to maintain especially when out of warranty. if I needed this many repairs I should've bought a range rover.

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2008 SRX V8AWD- 2012 CTS AWD Wagon-'17 CT6 3.0TT
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Go read some of the BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Toyota, Honda etc, etc forums. The Caddy isn't that bad. Like every place else you only hear about the bad stuff and not the good stuff from most of the owners

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cts4 2008 DI, cts 2005 3.6
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woow after I totaled my 05 cts, I was shopping for the next gen cts and I found a crazy deal. A 08 cts4 50k miles for 15k but After I reads all the issues specially 08-09 I think I will pass this deal :(

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2008 CTS4 3.6 LY7
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Bought my 08 CTS with 35K and I got a service history with it.

Pervious owner:
Front doors realigned and hung.
Recall: timing chain computer recalibration
Recall: lower headlight connector
Recall: heated washer fluid removal

My ownership:

Driver seat frame replaced
Waterpump replaced
Recall: for the key thing
Driveshaft replaced
Front left and right lower control arms replaced. Bushing was squeaking
Rear door actuators replaced.
Seems to burn 1 quart of oil at around 4k miles...

Car now has 61010 miles and I've owned for a 1.5 years....

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2008 CTS 3.6L DI AWD
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Bought my 08 CTS 3.6L DI AWD brand new, going to be 7 years and just under 30k miles

prior to purchase- replace heated washer fluid circuit board (recall)

Replace Onstar GPS & Main Circuit Board (Warranty)
Replace front driver side window trim (Warranty)
Timing chain inspection, ECM & oil life reprogramming (Recall)
Disable heated washer fluid system (Recall)
Replace spark plugs & ignition coils for cylinders 1&3, remove and clean carbon fouling from all injectors, update ECM (Warranty)
Vacuum pump brake assist (Warranty)
Master cylinder replaced (Warranty)
Replace Bluetooth antenna for hands free system (was causing radio to stop working intermittently) (Warranty)
Replace rear brake calipers- brake squealing (Tech Bulletin) (GMPP)
Driveline/Rear Differential shims, isolators, noise insulation, update ECM & TCM (GMPP)
Complete brake job (~21,000 mi)-Replace front rotors, front brake pads, rear brake pads, machine rear rotors (dealer, $950)
Sunroof drains replaced- front driver side flooded (dealer $400)
New set of tires & four-wheel alignment (~22,000mi) (local repair shop, $950)
High mount sop light (cracked)- ($275 for parts, installed self)
Trunk leak - repaired when replacing stop light
Ignition/key chain inserts (recall)
Transfer Case/Transmission- at dealer waiting for GMPP Warranty adjustor to arrive to confirm diagnosis and approve repairs

Blinkers will flash inside car/outside car but will make no noise periodically

Change oil soon indicator no longer showing when oil life is low, dealer service rep said since it does't indicate oil level, they would just reset oil life after completing the oil, it will be okay

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2009 CTS
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I have a 2009 CTS that also had a sunroof leak. The problem I found was the roof was not set properly, it was to low in the rear Pass side. After making sure the drains were clear, running colored water down them, I adjusted 1 screw and my leaks stopped.

If anyone is having the same issue just ask and I can post some pictures.

I have over 30k on mine and that is the only repair its had. Rest has been oil changes and I cleaned the air and cabin filter.

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I have an 08 with about 60k miles.

There was an Onstar module recall apparently from Motorola.

Heated washer fluid recall (gained $100, but spent $80 to buy a new one and install it, so a net $20)

I had a throttle body problem that caused the car to go into limp mode (fixed under warranty)

My passenger side seat airbag went bad ($600)

1 set of Michelin AS3

Change oil when it says 0% life remaining (used to last 15k miles, now it is closer to 8k).

I'm currently having an issue with my vacuum assist pump, but I can't figure out what is wrong.

I'm not discounting other people's problems, but keep in mind people don't regularly post and say they have no problems, you only hear from people with maintenance issues. For every person with issues, there are several that are relatively trouble free.

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2008 1SB DI 3.6L AWD CTS
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I have a 2009 CTS that also had a sunroof leak. The problem I found was the roof was not set properly, it was to low in the rear Pass side. After making sure the drains were clear, running colored water down them, I adjusted 1 screw and my leaks stopped.

If anyone is having the same issue just ask and I can post some pictures.

I have over 30k on mine and that is the only repair its had. Rest has been oil changes and I cleaned the air and cabin filter.
Can you post pics?


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I have had my 2008 cts base rwd 3.6L for about 18 months I had to clean out the sunroof tubes and replace both front hub assembly when I first purchased due to abs code and recently did both rear hubs for the same problem I do all my own wrenching so that helps a lot but that’s the only problems I’ve had
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