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2008 CTS Primium with performance suspension.

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Is there any way to make this car ride like a traditional Cadillac. At this point I'm fed up. If I change out the struts and shocks are there any available that will give me a comfortable ride. This car replaced a worn out 2004 SaaB and I wish I had a new Saab. This CTS 4 has the 3.6 direct iinjection. and every available option. It evn has both wood trim options, I've been told only two were built with everything this one is burgundy and I'm told the other is baige they also have the wing on the trunk but anyway its ashame I can't stand the ride.
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I presume you live in frost heave/pothole country. The fe2 shocks should give a better ride I am thinking. The fe3 shocks "build up" pressure within the shock itself to give a firmer ride is the impression I am under.
AWD in itself will also give a stiffer ride. However, changing out for new model struts is a great idea. Along with that, tires play a huge factor in your ride. I always read Tire Rack reviews on individual tires before I buy, and the ride factor is important.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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