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2008 CTS interior lights wont turn off

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Hello. All of my interior lights will not turn off while I'm driving,and when I leave and Lock the car they won't turn off until the 10 min timer turns them off. The dimmer dial works and is not locked on the ON setting. When I turn the car off, and open the driver door the radio turns off, however if I open the Passenger door the radio stays on. Is there a switch located on the Passenger door that could be causing this? Thanks
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Did you ever find out the issue while your lights were staying on?
The person you are quoting was on these boards for one day 7 years ago and has not been active since, so a response is unlikely.
What issue are you experiencing?
Literally the same issue he posted My Interior lights won't go off all the sudden 2009 cts 4 I was wondering if maybe he had happened to fix it since it's been so long lol
Does your CTS have a sunroof?
Often times clogged drains can bring about strange electrical happenings...

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