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2008 CTS interior lights wont turn off

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Hello. All of my interior lights will not turn off while I'm driving,and when I leave and Lock the car they won't turn off until the 10 min timer turns them off. The dimmer dial works and is not locked on the ON setting. When I turn the car off, and open the driver door the radio turns off, however if I open the Passenger door the radio stays on. Is there a switch located on the Passenger door that could be causing this? Thanks
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Not bad advice in general (using an electronic cleaner) however it is doubtful the cleaner spray would actually get to and into the microswitch(s) buried within the door latch assembly. Also.. what "button" on the door handle are you referring to? There is no button on the door handle of a 2nd gen CTS.
Pulling on a door handle activates the door actuator, which in turn unlatches/frees the door latch assembly which then allows the door to be opened. The mechanical action of the door latch assembly during the moments of "door opening" and "door closing" mechanically causes the microswitch(s) inside the door latch assembly to change state.
Ii have a button on my 2016 V it unlocks the doors if u have the key in your pocket!
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