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2008 CTS first LS build

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Good morning everyone. Before I begin I would like to say that YES, 100% I am a "noob" as my son would call me. I recently purchased a 2008 black on black cts(3rd one owned) and have decided to do a ls swap for the first time. I'm a service related disdisabled marine corps veteran who was diagnosed with a stage 4 lung cancer back in June of 2021 with metastasis to the brain so needless to say I decided to retire. Lol. Different forum. I am here because I love the cars. I am living off my disability and can't afford a v so I decided to build my own. I have been in the automotive industry since growing uand around custom cars my whole career. My dream is to make a cts v an affordable reality. And do so before i am unable too This is not a pity party by any means i just wanted I to give everyone a heads up on everything for the days that I struggle with this disease memory loss, confusion ect. I have never done anything like this so looking forward to making this dream a reality. There is so much information out there but I got tired of everyone saying " just buy a V, quit wasting your money. You should do this or That . Well I cannot afford it. I will try and do as many pictures as I can and answer as many questions along the way. I am looking forward to meeting everyone. Please let me know if anyone needs anything specific along the way.
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Looking forward to seeing your project from start to finish.
Congrats and good luck... Semper Fi and thank you for your service. Let us know what we can do to help.
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Plenty of knowledge here in the Performance Mods subforum and a few successful V8 swaps, too.

Good luck with the project!

And this guy can answer probably any question that might arise during your build...

and have decided to do a ls swap for the first time.

My dream is to make a cts v an affordable reality.
Just need to clear this up first. Are you doing an LS swap or building a CTS-V from a CTS.
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