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2008 Cadillac CTS DI 6 speed
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recently flew to chicago to pick up a CTS that i found after searching for a manual online. 2008 SIDI 6 speed manual premium package, i considered it to be a pretty rare combo and a good price. I
know that this year lacked a few options such as bluetooth connectivity and heated steering wheel. Im curious what solutions there are to remedy the lack of streaming audio and handsfree phone usage. Is there a pretty clean setup that uses most of the stock components to equip the car with this? has anyone had an exceptional experience with adding aftermarket exhaust? can you update the nav maps to a more recent layout or version like the new cadillacs have? how the hell do i delete all of the mucsic the last owner put on the hdd without doing it song by song individually?

I see what you guys are talking about already with the bugs that come with the early years. since ive bought it a month ago, ive had an issue with the HID headlight hi beam shutter not functioning told i need to replace whole assembly or can i dear the headlight apart and oit it myself with a shutter part?, changed fuse but no fix. my drivers side door doesnt auto unlock when i get close to it but pass side does. my daytime running lights dont work (which i gather to be the way most prefer them, although id like to do a LED bulb swap on the DRLs and the fog lights) and when i had it tinted, they put it on a battery tender and upon my departure from the shop it said "check battery charging system" which i looked into and got worried due to all the people saying alternators, etc were probably bad. I fixed it by disconnecting and reconnecting that battery.

Im starting to feel like a lot of the messages and little issues this car throws up are to get you into the shop and pay some serious dough. some may be valid but some just require some troubleshooting.
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