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This vehicle is a 2008 Cadillac CTS with 49,500 miles. I would like to say that all of this began in December when my father heard a noise under the car, which was previously something I hadn't heard. A 500 mile round-trip was taken on the
highway for the holidays and a worn wheel hub was removed after the trip and a new one was installed. Another 650 mile round-trip was taken and mid-way through that trip (had been raining for a couple of hours) Stabilitrak and Traction Control turned off. Once I arrived, no noise and the car ran smoothly in the city; on the way back (Dry, 50 degree weather) the Stabilitrak and Traction Control turned off an hour into a five hour trip. When I got off the highway and I braked, my car wouldn't accelerate, it stayed at 15MPH; I let it cool down for an hour and drove the 10 minutes to get home with no issues.

Recently though and this is where my question arises I've been hearing a scraping, grinding noise under the car. It occurs when accelerating after a stop, it becomes even louder when I brake, turn and then accelerate and it only occurs when accelerating forward, not when it's in reverse. Once it makes the scraping, rattling for 3-4 seconds and the car is at 30MPH+ the noise stops. Additionally the car is now sometimes jolting when I drive, the RPM go from 2000-1700-2000 all in one motion

The car also drifts to the right when I let go of the steering wheel

I'm purchasing the tensioner and the serpentine drive belt since one of them seems to be worn out

Also the right front motor mount is completely worn out, something I realized yesterday.

Would that be the reason behind the noise or is there something else that can be causing this nuisance?

I mentioned everything that has occurred since December, some of these things might not even be connected but in case they do happen to be
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