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2008 DTS(150k miles)
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Hello every body,

I just realized that my two front tires were eating the inner edges. ( They are just about one year old, so sad). I went to the ties shop, and people told me it was because of alignment. When they check alignment they then told me that control arms are very bad. I am so scared about it as my budget is so tight. Funny thing is I ordered those online very cheap from used-very good conditions on Amazon. Thank you a lot. My car is already over 170k miles. So, my question is are there any suspension part I need to replace?

The second question, I changed front engine mount for months( AC Delco part). At the local shop, people took out engine torque mount out before they change the front one. When they already put the front engine mount on, I jumped into the car like a noob to test it by at the same time I was holding the brake and revving the engine to see how the engine move. After the job done, I have no idea as I cannot figure it out does the engine move less or more like someone did on Youtube. So, my question is without the engine torque mount, if I rev the engine and held the brake, can only one time this action break the front engine mount. In other words, how hard the front engine mount is? I ask it because I have no idea to check it again without taking it out.
Thank you.
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