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2007 Cadillac STS AWD
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I've been wondering if anyone knows what can I do to my 3.6 V6 Cadillac STS 4 ( AWD ) as in Performance but with the restrictions of it remaining stock parts.
Ex. Can I Super Charge my V6 motor.
I'm jus trying to get +50 to 100 hp more!
Stock my car puts to the wheels 255 hp and 250 tq @ 3500.
So in theory I can Super Charge it right and since it's AWD I shouldn't have to upgrade trans. Or anything axels ect. ????
Please lmk anything helpful and yes I know I should of got the V8. ( Obviously I'm keeping the car ). Thank you for your time!

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2006 STS V8 AWD, '95 Ford Ranger
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The V6 engine is not noted for durability in it's stock for. Any attempt to increase power is doomed to disaster. About all you can do is check the oil level often and pray.
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