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2007 SRX TPMS & RKE won't program ?

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Hi all, I have lurked around here for years to find valuable info on my first gen CTS-V, but I always found what I needed without having to post a question. Anyway, I just bought a 2007 SRX V6 AWD off a local guy on Craigslist. Nice rust-free body and underbody, relatively low mileage (125k) with a recent engine swap (47k on the engine a year ago). I had it brought home on a flatbed July 2nd, and at this point I have replaced the pads, rotors, and calipers on all 4 corners (Bubba has been here... he broke off all the bleeders for me), the master cylinder, bled everything, then replaced both front wheel bearings (Bubba again... he also hacked off the wheel speed sensor wires for me). At this point I have working brakes and got rid of the service traction control, ABS, and stabilitrak messages.

I still have no data from any of the tire pressure monitors, and no initial horn response in the 'learn' procedure. I set the parking brake, turn the key on, page to the tire pressure re-learn page, hit the check mark, and the message just flashes once. Nothing else. Same thing when I try to have it pair with a keyless entry fob. Just a quick flash, and the 'press check mark to pair' message comes back. I have checked the fuses in the driver side rear, nothing blown. Also probed with a voltmeter, 12.6V getting that far in the circuit.

Does the SRX use the same module to receive TPMS telemetry as it uses to receive RKE signals ? I'm suspecting whatever module is supposed to be handling those functions may have also been on Bubba's hit list, lol.

My apologies if Bubba isn't known for applying his tech skills to Caddies; he seems to have done some service on every 3rd gen Corvette out there, and I've gotten used to seeing his creative work :)
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Is it possible Bubba replaced the TPMS stems with regular ones?

Apparently TPMS signal goes from antenna module to DIM, see below.

TPM Learn Mode Description

The tire pressure monitor (TPM) system uses the driver antenna module, dash integration module (DIM), keyless entry transmitter, 4 radio frequency (RF) transmitting pressure sensors, and the serial data circuit to perform the TPM learn mode functions. The sensor learn procedure must be performed after every driver antenna module replacement, sensor replacement, or tire rotation. Once the learn mode has been enabled, each of the sensor's unique identification (Id) codes can be learned into the driver antenna module's memory. When a sensor's Id has been learned, the driver antenna module sends a serial data message to the DIM to sound a horn chirp. This verifies the sensor has transmitted its Id and the driver antenna module has received and learned it. The driver antenna module must learn the sensor Ids in the proper sequence to determine correct sensor location. The first learned Id is assigned to the left front location, the second to right front, third to right rear and forth to left rear.

Sensor Function Using Pressure Increase/Decrease Method

Each sensor takes a pressure measurement sample once every 20 seconds while in stationary mode. If the tire pressure increases, or decreases by more than 11 kPa (1.6 psi) from the last pressure measurement, another measurement will occur immediately to verify the change in pressure. If a pressure change has indeed occurred, the sensor transmits in re-measure mode. When the driver antenna module receives a re-measure mode transmission while in TPM learn mode, it will assign that sensor's Id to the location on the vehicle relative to the order in which it was learned.

Sensor Function Using J-46079

Each sensor has an internal low frequency (LF) coil. When the J-46079 TPM tool is used in activate mode it produces an LF transmission that activates the sensor. The sensor responds to an LF activation by transmitting in learn mode. When the driver antenna module receives a learn mode transmission while in TPM learn mode, it will assign that sensor's Id to the location on the vehicle relative to the order in which it was learned.

TPM Learn Mode Cancellation

The driver antenna module will cancel the learn mode if more then 2 minutes have passed and no sensors have been learned, or if it has been in learn mode for more than 5 minutes. If the learn mode is canceled before any Ids are learned, the driver antenna module will remember all previously stored Ids and their locations. As soon as the fist sensor Id is learned, all other Ids are erased from the driver antenna module's memory.

Sensor Learn Procedure

Important: Before proceeding with the steps below, ensure that no other sensor learn procedure is being performed simultaneously, or that no tire pressures are being adjusted on another TPM equipped vehicle within close proximity.

Turn ON the ignition, with the engine OFF.
Using the keyless entry transmitter, lock and unlock the vehicles doors 3 times in order to synchronize the transmitter with the driver antenna module.
Important: If the TPM learn mode cannot be enabled, ensure the TPM system is enabled in the DIM. Refer to Body Control Module (BCM) Programming/RPO Configuration in Body Control System.

Simultaneously press the keyless entry transmitter's lock and unlock buttons until a horn chirp sounds, or with the scan tool select Sensor Learn Mode Enable and press the ENTER key. A horn chirp will sound indicating the mode has been enabled.
Caution: Over inflating tires may cause personal injury or damage to the tires and wheels. When increasing tire pressure do not exceed the maximum inflation pressure as noted on the tire sidewall.

Starting with the left front tire, hold the antenna of the J-46079 TPM tool against the tire sidewall close to the wheel rim at the valve stem location then press and release the activate button and wait for a horn chirp, or increase/decrease the tire pressure for 5-8 seconds, or until a horn chirp sounds. The horn chirp may occur before the 5-8 second pressure increase/decrease time period has been reached, or up to 30 seconds after the 5-8 second pressure increase/decrease time period has been reached.
After the horn chirp has sounded, proceed as in step 4 for the next 3 sensors in the following order:
5.1 Right front
5.2 Right rear
5.3 Left rear
After the left rear sensor has been learned, a double horn chirps will sound, indicating all 4 sensor Ids have been learned.
Turn OFF the ignition.
Adjust all tire pressures to the recommended kPa/psi. Refer to XXXXX in General Information, or to Tire Inflation Pressure Specifications in Maintenance and Lubrication.
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Go grab one at a junkyard, prolly $10 cause they will have no clue what it is.
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