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2007 SRX TPMS & RKE won't program ?

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Hi all, I have lurked around here for years to find valuable info on my first gen CTS-V, but I always found what I needed without having to post a question. Anyway, I just bought a 2007 SRX V6 AWD off a local guy on Craigslist. Nice rust-free body and underbody, relatively low mileage (125k) with a recent engine swap (47k on the engine a year ago). I had it brought home on a flatbed July 2nd, and at this point I have replaced the pads, rotors, and calipers on all 4 corners (Bubba has been here... he broke off all the bleeders for me), the master cylinder, bled everything, then replaced both front wheel bearings (Bubba again... he also hacked off the wheel speed sensor wires for me). At this point I have working brakes and got rid of the service traction control, ABS, and stabilitrak messages.

I still have no data from any of the tire pressure monitors, and no initial horn response in the 'learn' procedure. I set the parking brake, turn the key on, page to the tire pressure re-learn page, hit the check mark, and the message just flashes once. Nothing else. Same thing when I try to have it pair with a keyless entry fob. Just a quick flash, and the 'press check mark to pair' message comes back. I have checked the fuses in the driver side rear, nothing blown. Also probed with a voltmeter, 12.6V getting that far in the circuit.

Does the SRX use the same module to receive TPMS telemetry as it uses to receive RKE signals ? I'm suspecting whatever module is supposed to be handling those functions may have also been on Bubba's hit list, lol.

My apologies if Bubba isn't known for applying his tech skills to Caddies; he seems to have done some service on every 3rd gen Corvette out there, and I've gotten used to seeing his creative work :)
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Oh, one more thing I'm chasing down. My nav seems to be completly functional except for one thing... the position never changes. The nav still thinks the vehicle is 25 miles SW from me, where I picked the car up from. I do get GPS telemetry from the car with the OBD dongle and Torque app, but haven't looked to see if it moves when I test drive the car. Still in line to hit the Sec State office and get my title and registration done.
Thanks. I forgot to mention that I had the SRX over to my local Belle Tire for a new set of rubber too. The tech over there confirmed there are TPMS sensors in all four tires, and three of the four checked out fine with their rf scanner. Also tested my RKE remotes at Autozone with their little Energizer test box, and confirmed they are transmitting. So my question is regarding the receiver modules in the vehicle.
They only checked the tpm sensors themselves. The car itself isn't reaponding to any commands to go into learn mode. I'm not sure about the age of the batteries in the sensors; but if nothing else the sensors on my CTSV should have been in range when I attempted to put the SRX into learn mode at home.
I have some hardware coming today that should give me most of the functionality of a tech2, hopefully some diagnostics will shed some light on the issue. From what I've found so far, it sounds like either an antenna module or RCDLR issue. There was a tech bulletin about reflashing the RCDLR and replacing key fobs due to the same symptoms. I will update if I find anything else.
Okay, so now I have tech2win working, and am able to access a ton of info from the vehicle systems ... except for the RCDLR (remote door lock receiver) module ... which also handles the TPMS signals. For that module I get 'no comm'. I'm guessing Bubba has been back there :)
Update - I located the problem. I'll post what I found here, just in case someone in the future is fruitlessly google searching for information.

First, the RCDLR (remote keyless door lock receiver) is located under the little storage tray in the passenger side rear, the flippy cover in the 3rd row seat area. You DO NOT have to remove the entire rear right interior panel to get to it. Just lift the rubber bottom out of the storage compartment, find the two or three screws that hold it in place, and carefully pull the compartment out. The RCDLR is clipped directly to the underside of that compartment.

What I found when I pulled my RCDLR out was the +12V pin in the plug was corroded completely off from the module. It is supposed to have 4 pins in the plug, three of which are used - red/white +12V, Black/white GND, and a green signal wire. I pulled my module out, turned the ignition to ON (probably not necessary), and confirmed I have 12V between the red/wht and blk/wht wires at the plug. Okay, so the wire harness is probably okay.

Next, I opened up the RCDLR module itself, pulled the pc board out of it, and sure enough I found one of the 4 pins broken off. That was supposed to be supplying 12v to the board. Also found some pretty significant corrosion all around the board. I cleaned it off as best I could, wire wheeled the broken contact pad, and soldered a piece of a small paperclip to take the place of the broken pin. OK now the pc board is going to see 12V.

I plugged the board back into the vehicle wire harness, checked on the back of the pins where they're soldered to the board, and confirmed 12v between the pins for red/wht and blk/wht. So my plug repair is working. Finally I turned the key on and scrolled through to the 'learn remote' section, and .... drum roll .... no change. Still no 'remote learning active' message. I plugged the tech2 into the vehicle and attempted to read information from the RCDLR module also, and still got 'no comm'.

So the problem is definitely my corrosion addled RCDLR module. Not the remotes, not the TPMS sensors, not a fuse, not the wiring harness, not programming. It's definitively this little 2 x 3 inch pc board. IDK whether I'm going to dive into figuring out how to flash a new module with the tech2 through tis2web or not. I may just live without the lack of keyless entry and the service TPMS message on the dash.

Just thought since I started the discussion I would close the loop.
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I did break down and order one off ebay for 25 shipped. It came out of another 2007 srx and is the same part number, so I figured there's a good chance it will have the same rev firmware on it. I hooked the tech2 setup to my 05 cts-v and read the data from the receiver in that, and it didn't show a vin number... so I'm hoping the 07 srx one doesn't vin lock. If it works, it'll be a cheap fix. If it doesn't, I might try my hand at solder gun microsurgery to swap the eeproms.
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To further close the loop here, I received that RCDLR module from the Ebay seller today, and was eager to try it out as soon as I got home from work. I was in error above where I thought it was 2 phillips screws to pull the storage tray; it's 2 7mm hex head screws, and the trim panels adjacent to it have to be popped off as well.

Anyway, I popped out that tray, fished out the wire, plugged in my new module, turned the key on, paged to 'relearn remotes', hit the check mark button, and Bam ! REMOTE LEARNING ACTIVE. Programmed my remotes, and everything works beautifully. No programming needed. BTW I have seen discussions about an antenna associated with the keyless entry module... There is no separate antenna on mine. Just the single 4-pin plug running power, ground, and signal.

Now I just need to get that one dead TPMS sensor replaced, and that will all be working as it should too. Tomorrow I get rid of that last nagging message on the dash :)
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