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2007 SRX TPMS & RKE won't program ?

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Hi all, I have lurked around here for years to find valuable info on my first gen CTS-V, but I always found what I needed without having to post a question. Anyway, I just bought a 2007 SRX V6 AWD off a local guy on Craigslist. Nice rust-free body and underbody, relatively low mileage (125k) with a recent engine swap (47k on the engine a year ago). I had it brought home on a flatbed July 2nd, and at this point I have replaced the pads, rotors, and calipers on all 4 corners (Bubba has been here... he broke off all the bleeders for me), the master cylinder, bled everything, then replaced both front wheel bearings (Bubba again... he also hacked off the wheel speed sensor wires for me). At this point I have working brakes and got rid of the service traction control, ABS, and stabilitrak messages.

I still have no data from any of the tire pressure monitors, and no initial horn response in the 'learn' procedure. I set the parking brake, turn the key on, page to the tire pressure re-learn page, hit the check mark, and the message just flashes once. Nothing else. Same thing when I try to have it pair with a keyless entry fob. Just a quick flash, and the 'press check mark to pair' message comes back. I have checked the fuses in the driver side rear, nothing blown. Also probed with a voltmeter, 12.6V getting that far in the circuit.

Does the SRX use the same module to receive TPMS telemetry as it uses to receive RKE signals ? I'm suspecting whatever module is supposed to be handling those functions may have also been on Bubba's hit list, lol.

My apologies if Bubba isn't known for applying his tech skills to Caddies; he seems to have done some service on every 3rd gen Corvette out there, and I've gotten used to seeing his creative work :)
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"Go grab one at a junkyard, prolly $10 cause they will have no clue what it is."

They did not know a DVD player was part of the SRX console, $15 ! It works!
They didn't care that the shifter/cable/lid/hardware/harness on the Deville/DTS console was in my wheelbarrow. $15 Every piece/part to make the swap complete.

But $25 is a great deal on the receiver, in a box on your doorstep. I sure hope it works out well!
Great info, not your problems of course, the info.
Everyone into these needs every tidbit of discovery/experience.

SRX's are low production by any Detroit standard. It will only get tougher to keep em going. 1st gens.
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