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2007 SRX 3.6L

Front and rear drivers side break light and turn signal not working.

I have had this issue before and was fixed with a replacement bulb.
This time it is not the case. I replaced all of the left light and right light fuses located under the hood and under both back seats.

This did fix the issue for a moment for about 3 seconds, but then it blew the left signal/break light fuse located under the hood. Still causing both the front and back drivers side turn signal and break light to not work. The right side lights fine.

I am assuming there is a short somewhere (because it blows the new fuse as soon as I activate the left turn signal or apply the break)

Does anyone know where this short is probably occuring?

If you need more info let me know.

I've already been pulled over once for it.
Thank you.
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