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2007 SCCA June Sprints -- RACE REPORT

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Hello again,

Just getting all the physical and mental unpacking done from the 2007 SCCA June Sprints from the 4 Mile Road America racetrack in Elkhart Lake, WI. We have a few new pictures up on our website which appear in my signature line. Very interesting race weekend for the Detroit Muscle / Hoosier Tire CTS-V, a few very frightening moments for me, but I am not smart enough to let that stop me.

Saturday Qualifying: Only got one lap into the session (best lap 2:35.8) when I must have run over some debris or something and had a RR tire failure in the braking zone entering turn one. Hit the brakes and the car started floundering all over the place. Here is the result. Tire blew at 140mph.

Sunday Qualifying: Again only got one good lap in, however it was a great one (2:33.9). I wanted one more try for a better time and was on a good lap when I passed an A Sedan car at about a closing speed of 15mph after the Kink onto the backstretch. He was on the RH side of the track and I closed on him super fast and the corner workers were displaying a blue flag to let him know I was coming. At the first bend in the back stretch he turned in to my RR corner. I got to spin 4 times, 1st spin initiated at 127mph according to the data. Bent the rim, toe rod, and lower control arm.

For those unfamiliar with the track the Kink is the most thrilling turn I know about. Data shows 1.35g peak lateral at 106mph in our 4000lb car!!!!:bouncy:

Sunday Race: Straightened out the car best as possible, but couldn't drive off LH turns very well and the alignment was messed up. We kept it cool for about 8 laps and began our charge. Unfortunately at just that time a full course yellow came out. Upon the restart I got alongside the leader going into turn one for one last chance to pass for the win, didn't make it stick and the full course yellow came out again ending the race. We were pretty fortunate to walk away with only minor damage and an uninjured driver.

I am going to go to Lindsay to order parts based on your guys kind words so I can fix the car. I'll be driving the Vette at Indianapolis July 8-9. The next outing for the V will be at Watkins Glen, NY July 14-15.

Now to wash that champagne smell off the drivers suit.:alchi:
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Man John... spinning at 127 mph or so isn't on my list of things to do, particularly in a 4000 lb car. Nice job getting a 2nd place finish after your rough weekend.
Sounds like an exciting weekend. Congrats on the finish.
Sounds like a wild ride. Glad you're all right and the car only had minor damage.
Awesome Stuff!
Good job taking it to the leader.
So what car were you challenging for the win?

Also what size tires are you running on there?
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Hi John,
I didin't know you were a Cadillac Forum member. I would've stopped by and introduced myself. I was also there this weekend racing in FC. I ended up finishing 7th out of the 28 cars entered. Our best finish yet. I was in T3 snapping some shots when you guys were out. Since I'm also a V owner, your car caught my eye...:thumbsup:

It was cool to also see some of the Vettes glowing their rotors on entry.


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All I can say is WOW! :worship: :worship: :worship:
Thanks fellas, it is a fun thing to do. Here is what is not so fun. Here is the data from the spin. Black is speed and Red is lateral acceleration. You can see how I reversed the spin half way through to keep myself off the wall. :thumbsup:

To answer the 1 Q we are using Hoosier 275/35/18 tires on 18x9.5 wheels front and rear.


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Wow, 275's in the front.
How did you manage that?

What wheels are you running?
They look like a lightweight 1 piece design.
I would love to pick up a set like that if they are not as pricy as all the other aftermarket 3 piece V wheels.

Do you have the same wheel offsets front and rear?
We were challenging an Mitsu Evo for the win. The wheels are CCW C14 Corsair, built to custom specs to allow symmetric F/R interchange 18x9.5.
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