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2007 "RKE" Recall

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Just dropped off my 2007 Escalade (built 9/06) for routine service & when writing up the work order the Service Advisor included an item to comply with Recall # ?????.
He said it was new & was to address issues with the Remote Keyless Entry & battery run down. Can't find any reference to any recall for my veh on or the NHTSA website.
Anyone know anymore details?
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There are two applicable recalls, from what I can tell it depends on which assembly plant built the vehicle and the production date it was built on.

One recall number is 07033, the other is 07007.

One involves reprogramming the RCDLR (Remote control door lock receiver) and the other involves programming the BCM (body control module) and the RCDLR.

Both procedures require reprogramming of the keyless remotes (so bring both) and the tire pressure sensors.
They also have to reprogram the "SDM primary key" in the BCM for 07007.
(make sure the airbag light is out when you pick it up)
Thanks for the "insider" info.
When I picked it up the invoice said the recall was #07007. It says they reprogrammed the BCM, & RCDLR, & Key Fob. I only had the one key with me but it was extremely easy to reprogram my wife's set when we got home. They left a sheet with the instructions in the car. No airbag light so I guess I'm OK.
Interestingly, they didn't give me any static at all about performing the TSB's for the mirror wind noise, driver's mirror vibration, or updating the trans programming. I got the impression they'd handled quite a few already.
Thanks again
Dealers are very slow right now and are looking for work.

Thanks for the "insider" info.
Interestingly, they didn't give me any static at all about performing the TSB's for the mirror wind noise, driver's mirror vibration, or updating the trans programming. I got the impression they'd handled quite a few already.
Thanks again
If the dealers are on top of things,.. at least in my experience,..
they do the updates (excluding things like the wind noise,. . unless you ask/tell them to ) when and if you happen to bring the vehicle in for service.
It's always good to just ask them to check when the vehicle is in for service.
They did my RKE reprogram simply as part of my bringing the vehicle in for other service, oil change etc.
The Tranmission and some other updates are not for every single vehicle.
In other words,.. just because there is an update for transmissions, doesn't mean your vehicle needs it.
Different build date vehicles need some updates while others do not.
Updates may or may not be an issue depending on your vehicle.
The dealer should have that info by checking your vehicle info through GM.
If you call GM/Cadillac Customer service they will tell you all the available updates needed for your Specific vehicle according to the VIN #'s.
For example, my 07 was on 2 different lots before I bought it and had 100 miles on it by the time I bought it.
Most, if not all, the "Necessary" program updates had already been done when I got it, along with some other mechanical things that were problems.
I asked about new updates to the Trans etc and asked to get them done.
When my dealer checked my vehicle history,.. 90% of all available updates for it where already done as a matter of course over the time the vehicle was at the dealers before being bought by me.
Anyway, just some info.:)
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When the vehicle is brought in the service advisor should check "GMVIS" to see if there are any open recalls on it.
If there are, we address them as part of your service visit.

Things that are not recalls we only usually do if you have a concern related to that update.
As an example, if there is updated software for the transmission we don't check that unless you say that you have an issue related to the update, such as a poor shift or hesitation. Those are usually indicated to us by TSBs which are informational items we use during the diagnosis of the concern.

There are dozens of modules that could have software updates, checking them and updating them all would take a considerable amount of time. We don't do it that way. We only look at actual complaints or concerns for stuff like that.

Some dealers are quite slow right now... if the shop you go to looks slow you can have them to a multi-point inspection to see if anything is needed. This gives them the ability to look the car over and add work that might need done.

I know this sounds weird but if we find something broken on your car that isn't a safety related item, we can't fix it unless you complain about it first.
Most dealers offer a cheap or free multipoint inspection that pretty much gives us permission to inspect the car on your behalf and repair whatever we find.
Upselling warranty can be construed into fraud... some dealers a long time ago were just doing work and making GM pay just to get money... I know that sounds hard to believe ;), so GM has restricted us to safety items only for regular service visits.

We offer a multi point inspection called "On-a-roll" that is a fairly comprehensive inspection.
Most dealers offer something comparable for free or at a low cost.
You obviously don't need this every service but you might tell them to do it once a year or so, maybe in preperation for winter driving.
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