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2007 Possible Performance Upgrades

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So I'm thinking of getting a 2007 STS V6 but I want a little more power since I'm getting mixed info on the specs for the 2007 year. I thought it was the LY7 3.6 good for 255 HP and 252 lb-ft but the info for the engines that I'm seeing generally talks about the '06 and '08 years. If I'm not mistaken, the more powerful V6 with 302 HP and 272 lb-ft was for the 2008 year, no?

Anyways, aside form that quandary, I'm hoping to do some minor power upgrades. I could always just throw in a simple K&N air filter but I was considering a cold air intake since the difficulty level for install isn't too advanced and that would do a little more for power and a tiny bit better fuel economy too. However, I've read that with the V6 (as opposed to doing this with the V8) the check engine light would come on immediately since it apparently thinks that such an increase in airflow is a problem. Any comments on this or suggestions for a better not over the top power upgrade?

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The K and N filter doesn't trick out the ECM, it coats the MAF with oil, so the ECM,
lets the engine know the air flow is compromised. It you want performanc, the V8 "IS"
the way to go, and especially is you think you are going to KEEP the car for a long while.
Also, unless you are planning on going to the drags,the cold air intake, "IS" very noisy,
and NO appreciable gain is noticed. Mostly because the present intake "IS" COLD AIR.
CADILLAC SQUEEZED, every ounce of HP out of these engines, and put them out there,
as is. Which is Fantastic, without any help.Please consider these options , carefully.
I checked out over 100 cars, before I found this one.Please don't even think, that the
Cad you found is the last one , in the United States !
Happy Motoring. :cool2::cool2::welcome:
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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