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2007 DTS TPMS Dash message "Service TPMS System" 1 tire no reading??

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Ok, so I have been getting an intermittent Tire Indicator and dash message on my 2007 DTS while driving on the highway during this lovely midwestern Wisconsin winter. I am getting Tire Pressure readings on 3 of the 4 tires and the other TP reads at --. Has anybody out there experienced this. It comes and goes. When it isn't malfunctioning all tires show as properly inflated at 33 psi. Seems like it is losing the signal from one of the tpms valve stems. Does anybody have a fix or an idea on how I can fix this problem or is this something I need to bring to a local tire shop and have replacement tpms units on rims? Thank you to all in advance for any advice offered or given.
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Re: 2007 DTS TPMS Dash message "Serice TPMS System" 1 tire no reading??

Sounds to me it’s the battery and it’s time to change all four tire sensors.
yeah, that^^^ Don't cheap out and buy used or even 2007 OEM. Buy new ones. You have to break down four tires to install, re-inflate and then do the protocol to sync with the car. 2007 was the first year model that TPMS was required by the Feds. So you have to fix it or live with the message.
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