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2007 DTS DDM - no power to door

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i have a 2007 DTS i have no power to any of the switches on the door panel nothing in the door works mirrors heated seats even the turn signals in the mirror don't work and the door light at the bottom does not come on either .i have checked the fuse and i am getting power to both sides of the fuse i also pulled the panel and tested it for power i am getting power to the automatic door locks but they do not work either .all of the other doors work and have power but the drivers door ,i had pulled the fuse for the drivers DDM and put it back in and power to the door came on for about a minute enough to get the window rolled back up but then nothing again all power switches don't work ,also were is the DDM on the 2007 model is it with the power switches in the door or is it separate ,if you let the car sit sometime the power comes on to the door but last only a minute .also i heard some crackling coming from the door like something was shorting out this i heard the first time it happened but i checked all wires and none are burnt and i did not smell anything burning so i think it may have been coming from the speaker detecting something but it did sound like it was coming from the switches .would like to get this fixed if someone out there can help .also concerned because i keep the car in the garage and don't want it to catch fire and catch everything else on fire
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This may not be helpful, but on an '03 Escalade ESV, it's housed in the door window buttons/window lock-unlock/mirror adj Module - the module that houses said buttons on driver door - the buttons you press to operate the windows (etc) is one side of said Module; have to carefully remove the door panel, then unplug multiple wire harnesses from Module to remove the entire Module from the vehicle.

I had mine out yesterday, having a few dead buttons; "lock all doors" funct Inop, as well as "Window Up" Inop for one door.

I have some elect and machinist training, but I think anyone with PATIENCE and a little mechanical know how should be able to get the door panel off, remove the Module, then open the Module (i.e. door/window controller box), disassemble, clean, and reinstall.

Once Door Panel is off, and you located the Module and remove it from vehicle, it took me approximately 45 min to disassemble, clean, and reassemble the Module. Then just reinstall in door and TEST - if test SAT, reinstall door panel.

Just remember it is all plastic, and you must be gentle when working with any of it, especially opening the controller, and accessing the Circuit Cards.

To get into the controller once its removed from vehicle, you may need to get creative to pop/spring open all the plastic clips to get inside; mine had 4 lock tabs on each side of Module/Controller and all had to be sprung at the same time. I used toothpicks (one toothpick per tab, 8 total) to wedge each lock tap open and leave toothpicks in place to keep tabs open/unlocked. Once all tabs are in the unlocked position, the top easily comes off exposing the 2 CCAs; gentle prying may be necessary.

Make notes/take pics etc while removing the CCAs so they can be reassembled exactly as they were removed.

The top CCA is attached to the bottom CCA via a Multi-Pin Connector. There is no latch or keeper locking the two CCAs together, they should just separate.

The bottom CCA is also held in place by plastic lock tabs. Using a small flat blade screwdriver, I was able to gently pry each of the next 4 (or so) locking tabs out of the way, one by one. These tabs stayed in the unlocked position once you unlocked them one at a time, then gently and EVENLY pry the first CCA out of its holder with the small screwdriver.

Below the second CCA was a rubber Insulator Sheet which is in between the CCA and the bottom of the plastic window pushbuttons. Note the orientation of this insulator sheet to the bottom of the buttons and CCA; my sheet had little black "spacers" embedded in the rubber - make sure it goes back right side up, exactly as found.

Now clean each side of the CCAs and Insulator sheet with a soft rag dipped in Isopropyl Alcohol, let air dry 5-10 min and reassemble in reverse order.

My CCAs didn't look too bad, except where the corresponding "dead" buttons were; there was excessive black dirt/dust in these areas.

Once cleaned and reinstalled, all functions worked like new!

Best of Luck!
Tom P.
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