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2007 Cts-v

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Will you still be able to purchase the current version of the CTS-V, when later this year the 2008 CTS comes out? I heard that the new CTS-V will not be available until 2009, is that true?
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There will be no 2008 CTS-V, so your only chance of buying a V will be finding a leftover 2007.
that is correct 07 production over o8 no production. when it is released will be as 09. however as soon as 2 months ago there were 4 new 2006 cts-v still on lots and caddy is doing great offers if you live in midwest and maybe your area. i bought 1 so that left 3 but the one in st louis at plaza motors had body damage when i looked at it. so i'd look to fla, or the other one which i forgot where it was.
I see the other have filled you in on the details regarding '08. I just picked a new '07 on Saturday in the Raleigh area. There are only 2 others remaining within 250 miles. If you want a new one you need to act soon.
You know, I envy you guys getting a new car ... smells good, no creaks, eveything tight as hell.

Let me tell you something: I've got 35k on my car, and it smells new inside, has no creaks or rattles, and engine/tranny/body feels tight and brand new ... no $hit!!! You're gonna love it ... these cars are classics already!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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