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G'day folks,

I just acquired a 2007 CTS 2.8L from a friend. It has a few issues that need to be corrected to pass government inspection, the most critical being the brake lights. Parking/running lights are all functional, but the brake lights do not illuminate when the pedal is depressed (neither the third light, nor the tails). I have done Google searching and searching on this forum, and so far have determined the following that the problem seems to lie in the wiring leading up to the 15A BAS fuse. The fuse itself is fine, but there is no voltage to the fuse whatsoever - and I understand the BAS fuse is supposed to be hot all the time.

Does anyone have any insight into what wiring is prior to the BAS fuse that I should check to find out why 12V is not being passed to it?

Thank you!
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