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Hello. This is my first posting. I have read a lot on here and got some good information, so I figured I would see if anyone had any similar issues to what I'm having. I have seen that the 2005 STS had a recall on catalytic converters. One of my cats went bad at 66,000 miles in 2011 on my 2006 STS. That was replaced under warranty. Now the dealer is telling me that at 97,237 (April 2015) that both cats are bad in addition to my O2 sensors and my fuel pressure sensor.

The problems initially started when I took it in on December 10, 2014 (96,529 miles) for an oil change and to check intermittent engine light on and off. I was told that the engine light codes read 1) catalyst system low efficiency bank 1, 2) mass airflow, 3) throttle body airflow, and 4) circuit high voltage during decel fuel cut-off. They recommended new plugs, coolant system flush, and injection/induction service. I did all of those. Two days later, they call and say when the tech was taking it off the rack, he heard a ticking noise and put it back up to figure it out. A week and a half later, the ticking noise turned out to be a bad piston/cylinder $3,400 on top of the $1,050 for the previous services. They said since the piston issue happened at the shop they would work with me (I felt it was questionable at best and not a coincidence). I told them I would give them $1,000 on top of the previous $1,050 and they took it. A week later, they call me and tell me that they have to order a new engine because after the bad cylinder was replaced, another went bad. They ordered the replacement engine at no additional cost (gee thanks). The "replacement" engine had 75,000 miles on it and was from a junkyard. They warrantied the engine for 3 years on parts and a one time labor. I drove the car 12 miles and the engine light was back on. I take it in and a piston is bad on that one. They order another replacement engine with 95,000 miles.

So I guess my question is, is it a coincidence that less than 1,000 miles after replacing my engine (twice) my cats, O2 sensors, and fuel pressure sensor are all bad, or is it a lemon issue or something.

Thanks in advance,

Previous STS lover.
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