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2006 Infrared CTS Photos

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I posted some photos I took of our new '06 CTS this weekend at:

I'm relatively new to these forums, and didn't see anywhere else around here that's more appropriate for this posting. Not sure how it goes around here - if this type of post is off-topic, etc., please let me know.

Anyway, the photos feature our infrared '06, as well as in the background:
2003 Corvette Z06
1965 Corvette
1970 Monte Carlo (covered)
1938 Ford street rod

Hope you enjoy them!

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Wow "thats hot". Thanks for the pics! I like the new tan colored dash:)

btw guys I think that picture clears up the mixed woodgrain debate. That steering wheel doesnt look burl?
Dash Burled wood, steering wheel isn't, I'd bet the door handles aren't burled either!
Is the "Infrared" any different that 2005 "Red Line"? Tough to tell in the photos, it looks the same.

"the same" is great, BTW... sometimes wish I'd gone the Red Line route when I see one on the road!! :thumbsup:
Must be a real pain in the a** to go out in the garage and decide what to drive today. I really like the new laser red, tinted windows and sport grill or V-grille would look great and............. see I can't even stop with someone else ride!.......... Welcome and enjoy the ride!
Nice garage!
I would just sleep there.......
I love the new infrared color! Much richer than the redline....
okay, YOU SIR, just got about a hundred points in my cool book

my second car was a 1970 monte carlo SS, with 402 big block chevy.

they are pretty rare as most of them are gutted for parts do to the fact they are a sister car to the chevelle. in fact, if you pull the wood grain dash face off there is the black chevelle face underneath it, complete with silver text and all.

front bumper has round turn signals right? :)
I loved that car, i had the relatively rare bucket seats with that odd u shaped shifter on the floor.

nice cars. nice garage.
Thanks everyone for the welcomes, etc., I appreciate the nice comments!

sid_v: I'm not sure if the infrared is the same as "red line". I didn't pay much attention to the CTS until I started shopping for this one.

SilverCTS: No, not quite, it's my father's garage. :) He's into the old signs, jukeboxes, etc etc. The CTS and the '70 Monte are mine. The Corvettes and street rod are his. It makes a nice setting for the pictures though. :thumbsup:

Kael: You're right - the '70 SS is rare. There's a green one I see around here sometimes at shows, but that's about it. I never even see any smallblock 70 Monte Carlos around anymore either. I bought mine when I turned 16 in '96 (I'm 25 now...) I'm 2nd owner on it. I found it in the paper and bought it from an older woman who had owned it since new. It has 46,000 original miles! It had the original paint at that point - she kept it in a carport, but with the body being so long (as you know), the last foot or so always hung out the rear of the carport and it was obvious in the paint. In fact I've read that the first gen Monte Carlo hood is the longest Chevy ever made. It's a standard 350/250 hp automatic, and yes it has the round turn signals in the front bumper! It performs pretty well, considering how heavy that thing is.

The interior is in great original shape, just a small tear in the seat (a bench seat - again, more common than what you had). We did a few things to it over the years - painted it, custom dual exhaust, and an Edelbrock 4 barrel carb and intake. Also bought the correct rally wheels (it had hubcaps, ugh). Otherwise it's pretty much stock.

Glad you enjoyed them - looking forward to participating in the forums.
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Welcome to the forum. Pretty sweet pics. We have a lot in common, car wise. I own a 70 Monte Carlo as well. 05 CTS and an 80 Vette. I also own Van Steel Corvettes and we rebuild suspension parts for most of the Corvette warehouses & GM Dealerships. Check out my site . Love your garage.

80 Vette

70 Monte Carlo - No finished pics yet

05 CTS
For the record infrared and redline are different colors....
Redline is more of pinky red lipstick color.
Infrared in mor of a merlot.........
I loved that car, the 402 had torque you could not beleive.
the rally wheels.. you mean the ones with the center hubs that knock off?

you may want to check to make sure you have the rear swaybars and a few other items that came on the SS, YEARONE is a good source, their parts are always top notch and i can almost buld a car out of them.

does yours still have the vinyl top?

a place to be careful of is the upper rear of the roof, by the rear pillar, it tends to rust because a sloppy join that exists there. also in the trunk on the side. the drain holes get clogged and it rusts. damn what else... i am sure you already know to flip the lid in the air cleaner for 20hp... and blue dots in those tall tailamps look pretty cool. :)

pleasure meeting you.
I think Yearone is expensive. Classic Industries out of CA is a lot cheaper. Good quality too. Just ordered about 18K worth of parts from them for a 68 Camaro I'm working on. With Yearone I would have paid close to 21K.

My 70 Leaked bad on the pass side rear pillar into the trunk as well. Fixed it a long time ago though.
05CTS - nice photos, thanks for the info.

Kael - I'll bet. I haven't driven an SS.

Yeah, those are the wheels I'm talking about. :) Lost one of the hubs when I was parked at a friend's house back in high school. I discovered it gone the next morning when I went out to let it warm up on a cold winter day before driving it to school. His house was at the end of a sharp curve and the hub must have been loose to begin with. I went back the next day and found it in the bushes in a ditch!

I've seen ads for Year One, but I don't think I've bought anything there. We're about 2 1/2 hours from Carlisle, PA, and we were a misc parts vendor there at the shows in the 80s and 90s. Anyway, most of the minor Monte parts etc came from various vendors there. I really haven't done anything major to the car (mechanically), besides keep up its appearance, for the last 5 or 6 years. Replaced a couple hoses and a dead windshield washer pump, along with routine maintenance - nothing big.

Yes, mine has the original vinyl roof, it's triple black. Black roof, black car, black interior, which was the original factory combo. However, the chrome trim around the vinyl roof was originally painted black (not entirely, of course, but generally down the middle of a given piece of chrome) and I got rid of that for a 100% chrome trim around the roof look.

Appreciate the leak info, I knew about the trouble spots.. My roof/rear pillar area is ok, but the trunk did have a small rust/leak problem that we fixed early on.

I happened to take another photo of it last night when we were moving some stuff around (cover off, this time) :) and I added it to the end of the CTS album:

Nice to meet you as well.
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