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2006 Escalade ESV Platinum
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Yesterday, I started getting the Engine Coolant Hot in the display. I did not see any steam or fluid leaking onto the ground. The display then changed to Engine Overheated. But there still was no steam or fluid coming out of the overflow. So I figured the thermostat or the coolant temp sensors went bad. I replaced both. Still getting the Engine Coolant Hot and then the Engine Overheated alarms. I did notice that my overflow tank only took about a jug and a half of fluid in. The overflow tank stayed almost full. Also, I now have no heat. This suggest that there is no fluid going to the radiator. I replaced the water pump last year, so I do not believe my pump is bad.

Here is what I need to know;

Is there a drain for the radiator?

Is it possible that there is air in the system, and if so, How do I bleed it off?

If the radiator went bad, how do I troubleshoot the radiator to determine if it is really bad?

I read that it could possibly be the ECM. How? Shouldn't there be other problems associated with the ecm?

Can someone please help me.

Update: I figured it out. Air got into the system and created the problem. I actually had to pump the lower radiator hose at the thermostat housing and was able to get the system to burp out the rest of the air. The coolant that was in the overflow tank went into the system and I added a gallon of water to test. It all appears fine now. I am going to take it to get power flushed now as I feel there must be some dirt in the system. Since there is no drain on the radiator that I have seen, I think this is the better option. Have a great day.
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