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2006 DTS base
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I have had multiple injectors , coils and I also replaced crankshaft sensor new computer and still the same thing 3 days later traction control and check engine injector did a compression test was good I dont know what to do 78000 miles 2006 DTS BASE any help please

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Stop throwing money at the car and correctly diagnose your problems.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes. Hundreds of sensors and functions are monitored by your car's built-in code reader/scanner. Have it read at any parts store (scanned), use the below link to decipher all found trouble codes and post it all here.

Welcome to CF !!! I changed the title of your thread to better reflect your problems.

Codes read out as a capital letter, four digits, maybe a letter suffix.

Example: P 0300 C = Powertrain misfire detected Current
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