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2006 DTS Oil Leak/Engine Smoking

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My DTS with only 7500 miles on it just began pouring smoke out from underneath the hood and blowing oil underneath the car and onto the trunk lid. The dealer says that it is leaking from the rear main seal. This has been a great car since I bought it new, but now I am a bit concerned.

Has any one else had a problem of this nature with their Caddy?
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I have had 2 '06 DTS's.

The first one had about 20,000 miles on it. Only 2 problems. Had to have the rear window re-sealed. It leaked water into the trunk and the drivers seat quit blowing cold air on your back.

This one has almost 15,000 on it. It has one problem. The cooled seat on the drivers side doesn't blow on your back. Need to take it in and have it fixed. Looks like the cooled seats may be a common problem. :)

Here in Texas, in the summertime, the cooled seats are nice. :)

Oil leaks are unfortunately not uncommon on the N*, but alot of that has been improved with the newer ones, and the rear main seal is not a common place for it to happen.

I think after its fixed youll be good to go.
Thanks for the boost in confidence. This is my first new Caddy and I have already been anticipating the next one.

I should get mine back next week and you can be sure I'll drive the hell out of it.

I'll give some feedback after a month or so.
The valley under the intake manifold drains just above the rear main seal careful checking will dertermine the source of the leak perhaps not require an engine pull for a rear main seal. please let us know how you come out. sts96
AN UPDATE: I have my Caddy back and it looks like it is now leak free. Apparently this is such an uncommon problem that the dealer here in Ky didn't have the tool with which to install the seal in an '06 until mine.

Life is Good!
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