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2006 CTS Nav DVD won't play

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Hi guys,

I just purchased my first Cadillac, a 2006 CTS with all the trimmings.

I've been fiddling and I decided to try the DVD and was dissapointed that it simply doesn't work. I have the Bose sound system and the nav unit to go with it and when I insert a normal, retail (movie) DVD into the nav/dvd slot I get the message

"This type of disc can not be played"

If I insert an alternate region DVD, I get the correct "Region not correct" message so it is reading correctly.

Also, the nav dvd and nav function correctly.

Am I doing something stupid, or is something up with the unit?

Thanks guys!
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I did a search and found this in an older thread.
johndm found wrote this on 03.28.10 at this thread ""

hope it helps

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Re: DVD Player Not playing DVD Movie
Solution found....

It seems that European vehicles have had the DVD region changed to R2, but the only video format playable is NTSC where it needs to be PAL for UK/Europe.

I have a Region free NTSC disc, and it plays perfectly (Timeless, A National Parks Odyssey).

The only solution seems to be either seek out more Region free NTSC discs, or convert some PAL to NTSC on your computer, and burn to DVD.

Maybe there is a way to either alter Region code OR PAL/NTSC with a Tech II?

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