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2006 (3.6) Hub replacement question

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Hi all,
The sensor wires on my right rear wheel broke flush from the back of the hub. And there's no chance of even soldering the wires back on because there's nothing there; it's flush with that wax-looking seal . I've decided to replace the hub myself but I just went to RockAuto and they literally have 18 Hubs listed ranging in price from $44 bucks to $205. This seems like a ridiculous quantity to chose from and really skews my judgement on what to buy.

Which is the good hub for the CTS 3.6? I don't need the best of the best because my wife drives her car rather abuse what so ever. Also, are the hub bolts really being replaced too because I've read they shouldn't be reused?

Thanks in advance for the suggestions.
Any links would be appreciated as well
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thanks for the help. Do you know who's got the best web prices?
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