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Just wanted to post on a coolant leak I had recently. Same symptoms others had reported, leaking coolant towards the right front of the car. Best case scenario was the gasket on the thermostat housing. I pulled the throttle body and was able to get at the thermostat housing pretty easily. Once unbolted, I could see where the leak was originating from. The gasket had a waxy film on it that need to be cleaned off. Once I found this I figured I would change the gasket and thermostat as well since I had it torn apart. Once thermostat was out, you could see diaphragm damage so I gladly replaced it. You can see the diaphragm damage in one of the pics. I pulled the hoses off of the thermostat housing so that I could properly clean out all of the waxy buildup where the thermostat housing gasket is placed. I used some emery cloth to clean up both faces so that the new gasket would seal better. Toughest part of job was getting hoses on and off of the thermostat housing. I have also attached a picture of the parts used. The old gasket was orange, and the new one is blue. 100k miles on my STS.
I just wanted to post this because I occasionally check the website for issues I have had with my car. I have saved my self a lot of money by using these forums and hope someone can use this post and do the same.

Let me know if there are any questions or comments.

Thanks, BNB


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