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2005 EXT
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So all of a sudden my stock touch screen navigation on my 2005 EXT stooped working. If I hit NAV the receiver will find me and show me the maps of the current road im on however if I hit the dest option it wont give me the address, POI, etc for me to select a location? Is this just the DVD? I dont get a disc read error and from time to time the address, POI, etc on screen 1/3 under the dest option will light up but then as im entering an address sometimes it will stop working and not allow me to finish putting in the address. Im guessing it may be the disc? Has anyone else had this problem? In addition, the loading slot for the DVD disc doesnt eject the disc out very far at all. The disc barely comes out and I have to pull it out the rest of the way. Just seeing if this is something that can I can fix or if it needs to be professionally repaired. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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