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2005 Escalade ESV Signature edition
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How do you know if the Bose power amplifier on my 2005 Escalade has a problem?? My driver side speaker has no sound, but it is a good speaker.

I had a skimpy bad alarm sound coming from my driver side speaker and had good speaker sound from the radio, but later nothing on that driver side door speaker, no alarm sound no speaker from the radio.

I opened up the flex boot and found a broken speaker wire repaired it and checked continuity back to the connection to the connector in the driver’s side fuse box. The speaker works, I do have driver side tweeter it is okay, and the earphones work okay in the back seat unit both left and right channels but this could be directly to the radio and bypass the power amplifier in the center console but not sure. Back speakers do not work. Could this be the power amplifier anyone still familiar with this problem. I understand many people have had this problem.

I sure don’t feel like pulling the unit out if there is another way out I want to touch base with all possible answers first…

Thank you
Walter (atlas66)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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