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2005 Escalade ESV battery voltage too high

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My battery voltage is running higher tHan 19 volts all of a sudden. Anyone experienced this? What was resolution?
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Likely a bad cell in the battery
I had this happen before and replacing the battery fixed it after having it load tested(which of course confirmed what I already knew)
N9LO said:
Why do you need to reply the same as me? A bad battery in almost always caused by 1 or more cells being dead. You cannot change cells in Automotive batteries.
Did you ever think maybe it was to confirm to the op by giving a second opinion?
Gees chill out
I know you can't change the cells in automotive batteries no need to be obvious about it
N9LO said:
I got a PM saying you are just trying to get to 10,000 posts. LOL Your 2nd opinion was obvious...
At the rate your going who knows maybe you are too
I ask you this have you done any step by step how-to threads???
So I get 10,000 posts why does it matter to you??
You don't get it do you?
I am a more active member on here(4 years and counting)and it's a free and OPEN forum so making attacks and laughing at others posts or just trying to be funny really makes you look bad as this forum is seen around the world

Like i said earlier chill out
Lepper mine failed at 203,000(roughly)

The 05 has a separate brain the works the alternators charging circuit it is independent of the pcm
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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