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Hey all. I have my 2005 Deville DTS for sale. It had the headgaskets replaced on it. I had the whole motor pulled and had all gaskets replaced including the headgaskets. It was done with the GM authorized repair procedure. The airbags went off on it in a low speed crash. Radiator is broken. The car can still move under it's own power and can drive onto a trailer. The front active struts on this car only have about 6k miles on them. The front suspension arms and associated bushings were all replaced at the same time so those are good to go too. The wheel bearings are MOOG bearings and they have about 40k miles on them at the most. The transmission has no codes for the TCC. You can drop the whole cradle and use the whole thing, struts and all. You'll get plenty of life out of those struts and the motor. The motor has about 30k on the new headgaskets. I have the paperwork for the headgasket repair that was done. I'm asking 1000. New active struts alone cost about 500 each. You're getting 2 lightly used active struts and the motor that already had the money spent on headgaskets and other gaskets. I think it's a fair deal. The rest of the car is a bonus if you need other parts. It's got a tan interior.

The parts that are missing on this car are as follows
Nav unit
Rear shocks
Air compressor
Side mirrors(glass pieces)
Rear subwoofer
Center caps

The car is black on the outside. Other than small little door dings here and there, no major dents except the front. The front bumper and hood and front windshield are no good. The front fenders seem to be still straight and unaffected by the accident. Headlights are broken too. It was a square in the middle hit. All other glass and body panels can be used on another car though.
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