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2005 DTS Injector Problem

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l have an '05 Deville DTS. Ten minutes after getting gas, my check engine light came on and it started to idle roughly. White smoke came from the exhaust pipe and a strong chemical smell filled the car. I took it to a mechanic immediately and he said the codes indicate a cylinder misfire and that the computer is keeping the #2 injector wide open. I am under a GM extended warranty and the car has 35,900 miles on it. Causes? Suggestions? Cures? I just joined last week and this is my first post.
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Pull and post the DTC's & descriptions. Without those we're just shooting from the hip, in the dark.
Thanks for the response, Ranger. I have seen many of your posts and respect your knowledge. I can not pull the codes because I dropped the car off at Lindsay Cadillac right after my post. I should know something in the next few days from the dealer and I will post the resolution.
Ahh, well in that case Ewill3rd is probably on it. You're in good hands.
I didn't see this car... did it get fixed?
Lindsay "diagnosed misfire and code P0300". Fuel pressure was tested and would not hold. The leak was traced to the injector side of the fuel system. The fuel rail was removed and injector #2 was stuck on. The PCM was found to have an internal short and was replaced. The fuel rail was installed and a crankshaft variation relearn was performed. It has been running perfectly since I got it back.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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