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Cadillac DHS 2005 Black on Black, its my third Cadillac
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Hello All,

My 2005 Cadillac Deville base model, has an issue with the heating.
Heating at my feet only blowing out cold air, top only blowing warm average hot air.
I brought it to mechanic and he said he sees no issue, he topped up radiator, still found no issue.
I went for a drive again today after being away for 16 days away, and the issue was still there.
The cabin light will not come on at all, when opening doors, and with sentinel switch.
the cabin lights themselves work manually.

Thanks in advance everyone


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Take the car to a large parts store and ask them to pull any diagnostic codes from the car's built-in code reader system. You may find one or two related to the HVAC mode/vent door operating systems.

Your 2005 may still have the ability for you to pull the codes using the dash (DIC) info control buttons. A 2005 owner will know.
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